Pharmacy Services

The Wellness Center Pharmacy is a full-service Walgreens pharmacy – with a drive thru – conveniently located inside the Notre Dame Wellness Center. The pharmacy provides more than just prescriptions – it offers members many counseling and cost-saving services, including:

  • 90-day prescription fills/refills without penalty (an alternative to mail-order)*

  • Discounted over-the counter medications (includes many discounts greater than other Walgreens locations)

  • $0 copays on insulin and oral diabetes medications when diabetic supplies and medications are both filled/refilled on the same day*

  • Free medication well-check: a private consultation with a pharmacist to review drug interactions, identify lower-cost alternatives, and maximize the effectiveness of drug therapies

  • Convenient drive-thru

*For participants on a University medical plan.

Medication Well-Check

A medication well-check is an opportunity to get answers to common questions about medications. A Wellness Center pharmacist will review all of your prescription and over-the-counter medications and discuss ways to optimize your medication therapy. Each participant will receive an up-to-date handout of all prescription and over-the-counter medications — a great record to provide other healthcare professionals.

A well-check could:

  • Determine if your current medications may be aggravating other health conditions.

  • Identify expensive medications that have suitable or superior alternatives available at lower cost.

  • Identify combinations of medications that may result in an overdose or unwanted side effects.


How to Schedule a Medication Well-Check:

  1. Make an appointment with a Wellness Center pharmacist at 574-271-5622.

  2. Make a list of all medications you currently take - prescription or over-the-counter.

  3. On the day before your appointment, give your list to the Wellness Center pharmacy (in person, or by phone).

  4. The pharmacist will have your well-check report ready at your appointment.

Wellness Center Pharmacists not only have clinical knowledge of health conditions, they’re also familiar with the Notre Dame prescription drug benefit plan. A medication well-check can optimize your medication therapies to better manage health conditions and meet your medication therapy goals.